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The CSA Security Survey is a great way to cover your bases! Whether you’re responsible for a large venue or event or a small one, why just guess at your security needs? We’ll arrange a time and a date with you to walk the site and create a basic template where you will most benefit from your limited security budget. Will signage and physical barriers work or will you need a security officer exercising discretion? We’ll walk you through a process and collaborate each step of the way.

We’ve all witnessed ineffective security. We’ll make sure your security officers are posted properly with clear instructions and scope of duties. We’ll make sure you have a plan for the ugly possibilities of our modern world. The courts have ruled time and time again: You don’t have to have a good plan, but you do have to have a plan. We’ll make sure you have the kind of plan in place that will serve you well on good days and during and after life’s unexpected events.



We know that addressing your security needs requires trust and confidentiality. All CSA employees and managers sign specialized non-disclosure agreements and we foster a corporate culture of discretion and respect of privacy.


There is a sea of false promises in the security industry… You’ll witness our credibility on day one.  We walk our talk every single day.


We hire character and experience. While all of our employees have probably been there and done that, so have you. We never rest on our laurels. We’re here to help you overcome your security challenges.


If you don’t actually need our services, we’ll be disappointed, but we’re still going to tell you that you don’t need our services and we’ll tell you why. We’re then going point you in the right direction, so your time hasn’t been wasted.


Our mission imperative is to provide value to our customers’ missions and their employees.

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