Security Assessment

The CSA Security Assessment is where we bring all the aspects of your physical security and safety together.  We start with your pattern of life.  We then look at the environment where you spend your time.  Imagine every aspect of your safety and security brought together into one document. The completed CSA Security Assessment is not a quick read, but it will detail the good and the bad, and most importantly, it will detail cost effective ways to dramatically improve your safety and security. You and your loved ones deserve to have this done and have it done right. 

Additionally, CSA Security Assessments equip leaders with essential information that can be used to mitigate corporate risk. These assessments give you the information you need to decide how to reduce your risk of an unwanted event and the potential outcome. Once an assessment is completed, you’ll receive a clear and concise report that identifies threats and vulnerabilities, along with a set of recommendations on how best to mitigate the risk in cost effective way.



We know that addressing your security needs requires trust and confidentiality. All CSA employees and managers sign specialized non-disclosure agreements and we foster a corporate culture of discretion and respect of privacy.


There is a sea of false promises in the security industry… You’ll witness our credibility on day one.  We walk our talk every single day.


We hire character and experience. While all of our employees have probably been there and done that, so have you. We never rest on our laurels. We’re here to help you overcome your security challenges.


If you don’t actually need our services, we’ll be disappointed, but we’re still going to tell you that you don’t need our services and we’ll tell you why. We’re then going point you in the right direction, so your time hasn’t been wasted.


Our mission imperative is to provide value to our customers’ missions and their employees.

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