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Colorado Security employs Subject Matter Experts to build comprehensive security solutions from the ground up.  Every client is guaranteed an upscale uniformed security professional based on the needs of the particular client.  With decades of security and customer service experience behind us, you are sure be given the best security service on the market.  Our upscale uniformed security professionals are efficient, systematic, and specific to the task at hand.  

Just as each security site is unique, so is the design and implementation plan.  Our team analyzes each aspect to build a security plan that suits each client’s need.  Once the initial security plan is built, CSA presents our clients with draft guidance for their concurrence prior to the implementation of upscale uniformed security and post procedures/orders.  We then provide specific training for our security professionals that establishes the standard of professionalism and duties for your location.

Once security professionals are on site, they are managed and supervised by our leadership team.  Our managers ensure that our Upscale Uniformed Security Professionals are abiding by CSA’s strict standards at all times. We’ve found that this serves to deter negative behavior and provide positive experiences to the right people.  We believe in hiring character and training the skills needed.  We believe customer service and security go hand in hand. Our ability to combine these talents is what gives CSA the best name in upscale uniformed security services.



We know that addressing your security needs requires trust and confidentiality. All CSA employees and managers sign specialized non-disclosure agreements and we foster a corporate culture of discretion and respect of privacy.


There is a sea of false promises in the security industry… You’ll witness our credibility on day one.  We walk our talk every single day.


We hire character and experience. While all of our employees have probably been there and done that, so have you. We never rest on our laurels. We’re here to help you overcome your security challenges.


If you don’t actually need our services, we’ll be disappointed, but we’re still going to tell you that you don’t need our services and we’ll tell you why. We’re then going point you in the right direction, so your time hasn’t been wasted.


Our mission imperative is to provide value to our customers’ missions and their employees.

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