Embassy Security

CSA has extensive experience in working with foreign embassies in the United States.

All security professionals assigned to our foreign embassies division, must meet strict qualifying criteria, ensuring that Colorado Security Agency employees at your site will be both experienced and physically able to meet the demands of the job. Our security professionals are trained with our in-house cultural awareness and language training programs, which we have put to use for high end clientele, including some of the world’s wealthiest people and high profile celebrities.



We know that addressing your security needs requires trust and confidentiality. All CSA employees and managers sign specialized non-disclosure agreements and we foster a corporate culture of discretion and respect of privacy.


There is a sea of false promises in the security industry… You’ll witness our credibility on day one.  We walk our talk every single day.


We hire character and experience. While all of our employees have probably been there and done that, we never rest on our laurels.  We approach each task and client with open eyes and open ears, because it turns out that you’ve seen a few things too. And chances are nobody knows the challenges in your life and business better than you do. We’re here to help you overcome those challenges.


If you don’t actually need our services, we’ll be disappointed, but we’re still going to tell you that you don’t need our services and we’ll tell you why. We’re then going point you in the right direction, so your time hasn’t been wasted.


Our mission imperative is to provide value to our customers’ missions and their employees.

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